CFD Cluster

CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and HPC (High Performance Computing) are closely related at Steinmüller Engineering. Over recent years the hardware development and the advanced development of CFD software make it possible to perform complex calculations in parallel, on multiple processor cores. As a result, calculations can now be handled that were once reserved for the computer centers of universities or large companies. Today it is possible for us to perform such simulations with our own in-house hardware and professional software.


By applying CFD in all product areas we ensure the continuous use of the installed hardware and software, in addition to the continuous training of the employees assigned to these specialized tasks.


  • ANSYS Fluent, Version 16.0
    • 4 x Fluent Solver
    • HPC Workgroup 256
  • Job scheduler for the assignment of processor cores to the pending simulations
  • HPC Cluster of the company Dell with 4 x 24 and 4 x 32 processor cores, in total: 224 processor cores
  • Several high-performance PCs for model development as well as pre and post-processing


Up to 4 simulations can be carried out simultaneously with each simulation being assigned an individual number of processor cores.

The hardware configuration was defined in cooperation with the Computer Science Department of TH Cologne at the Gummersbach campus and the Dell Research Center in Cambridge, UK. The provision of Fluent trial licenses by ANSYS for these trials enabled testing of different configurations until an optimum constellation of hardware components was found for Steinmüller Engineering.


The graphics show the impressive range of possible applications and give an impression of the optimization potential we can provide on our products in the interest of our customers.


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