Company policy

Company Policy

Energy and excitement towards the future!
Every day we make the world cleaner, safer and more efficient –
to benefit our people and to protect precious resources.

From the past to the present and future

Efficiency through know-how

"The integration of our two companies will generate synergies and have advantages for our clients, employees and the future development of our business.”


This statement was made by Naoya Domoto, Managing Director and President of Energy & Plant Operations for IHI Corporation following the acquisition of Steinmüller Engineering in July 2014. He spoke at the ceremony welcoming all employees of Steinmüller Engineering as new members of the IHI Group.


IHI and Steinmüller Engineering have a longstanding technical relationship based on a cooperation working on fossil-fuel power plant equipment. Over more than 40 years, when the current Steinmüller Engineering employees worked for the former L.&C. Steinmüller, experts of both companies had extensive interaction.


Our current efforts focus on the diversification of fuel, improvement in plant efficiency and implementation of environment-friendly technologies. We provide advanced solutions to the global challenges concerning energy and the environment. We are working on the joint development of advanced technologies, applying our combined knowledge, technological strengths and market experience gained worldwide.


Our technologies contribute to the effective utilization of coal by focusing on reducing energy costs and conserving valuable resources. In addition we are continuously developing and using environmentally-friendly technologies such as our Air Quality Control and CO2 Capture and Storage Systems.

Optimal performance with minimum emissions! This is a simply stated requirement that is however exceedingly complex and demands thoroughly thought - out solutions – from low emission fuel conversion in power plants with the highest possible efficiencies, to air pollution control systems.


Steinmüller Engineering is respected around the world as a consulting services partner and plant construction company. As employees of the former L.&C. Steinmüller in Gummersbach, Germany, many of our colleagues participated in the development, construction and operation of the power generation plants and air pollution control systems, which now require modernization. Our staff are fully familiar with the construction and operational processes of these plants and know exactly where and how to improve plant performance and efficiency.


As a customer your new construction and refurbishment projects will also have the support of our recent activities in a wide range of projects throughout the world. The depth of our experience in planning, designing, selection of suppliers, manufacturing, construction management and commissioning of power plants of various kinds is expanding daily as we gain new experience and generate new knowledge to be applied to the benefit of your project.

Mission Statement

What we do

We provide energy technologies and improved efficiencies as well as air purification systems for power generation plants. We provide and protect the things required for life´s essentials:

  • Sufficient energy
  • High efficiency
  • A clean environment

Our commitment

  • Goal achievement
  • Do the right thing.
  • Challenge ourselves.
  • Cooperate, consider different options.
  • Make a difference.

In all things the utmost care and safety are the highest priority.

Steinmüller Engineering GmbH strives to be one
of the important partners of the national and international
operating energy producers and OEMs.



We are client orientated and work with the highest quality requirements.


We avoid consequential loss for our customers.


We develop innovative products and services in the technology sector.


We are team orientated and optimize the use of resources.


We inform and educate ourselves to identify dangers to health and safety.


We work in a healthy and ergonomic environment and comply with health and safety requirements.


We prevent environmental hazards and damage to property.


We realize a pleasant and courteous work atmosphere with cooperativeness.


We realize a flexible working time model and strive for a work-life-balance.


We work efficiently and improve our processes continuously.

IHI guidelines.

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