Our Vision

Steinmüller Engineering GmbH is the unique technology
partner for globally operating thermal processing industries
and related OEM's. By providing our partners with advanced
technologies and pioneering energy supply solutions, we
jointly contribute to a more sustainable future.

Facing tomorrow's questions today

In the power and heat generation sector, energy efficiency,
environmental compliance and competitive operations
are major issues.

Founded in 2003 in Gummersbach, Steinmüller Engineering has rapidly positioned itself as a reliable partner and trusted companion by focusing on our customers´challenges to meet their technological and financial targets.


Steinmüller Engineering is a company of devoted and experienced engineers, who expertly guide customers from the global power generating and thermal processing industries through complex and demanding new builds or modernization projects. Given our process knowledge and longstanding experience, we provide sophisticated engineering solutions and further support with consulting and technical services as well as the supply of key components.

Steinmüller Engineering is the perfect partner for seamless project execution, from the project planning phase, through installation and commissioning, right up to the management of maintenance and the supply of spare parts.

Our advanced technology has proven to be an essential ingredient in our customers´ success in remaining one step ahead of the times, especially where environmentally friendly production processes are concerned.

Rooted in German Tradition, driven by Passion

Steinmüller Engineering team

Company policy

Expert Knowledge is fundamental

Our Mission

Steinmüller Engineering is a partner of the global power generating and thermal processing industries. We provide engineering solutions, consulting services and supply of key components.


Our advanced technology is essential for our customers to meet their targets on energy efficiency, environmental compliance and competitive operations.

Through our deep process knowledge and longstanding experience we add value to our customer and support environmental friendly production processes.

Our Values


Our customers’ targets are our targets.


Our employees are an integral part of the company’s successful development.


We practice teamwork in every sense of the word.


To us, continuous learning comes naturally.


Our products and services are driven by innovative thinking and top-quality standards to provide demonstrable added value for our clients.


We support a working environment that reflects our employee’s individual needs.


Our company culture is characterized by trust, honesty and fairness.


We have committed ourselves to the highest standards related to environmental protection, social affairs and corporate governance.
We do follow the guidelines suggested by the UN Global Compact.

We take the UN Global Compact as guidance


We are aiming to achieve higher resource efficiencies with regard to the consumption of energy, water and hazardous materials as well as the avoidance of waste.

/Labour and Social Affairs

The protection of our employees` health and the ensurance of a non- discriminatory working environment have absolute priority for us.

/Corporate Governance

We demand highest standards of compliance in our business. We support all endeavours in high ethical standards and neither accept corrupt behaviour
in our company nor at our business partners. Our company has a strict and binding „Anti Bribery and Corruption Compliance Policy“ for all employees. ®

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