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Steinmüller Engineering GmbH has a diversified portfolio

of process know-how in the area of energy and environmental


Steinmüller Engineering offers a diversified portfolio of process engineering knowledge in the areas of energy and environmental systems. Our engineers are familiar with every aspect of plant construction.


Some of the staff of Steinmüller Engineering have been involved in the development, construction and operation of numerous energy systems and environmental technology projects while formerly employed at L&C Steinmüller in Gummersbach, Germany.

This wealth of experience is at the core of the Steinmüller Engineering company and our customers benefit both from our engineering consulting services and from our capacity to supply component sub-systems as well as complete systems.


Since June 2014 Steinmüller Engineering has been a wholly owned subsidiary of IHI Corporation, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. This created opportunities for the use of yet more technologies and references for a larger product portfolio and allowed for the further expansion of business activities within our field and regions, making it possible to compete for larger projects.

Steinmüller Engineering team today

Branch Office in South Africa

The opening of a branch office in South Africa enables us to serve existing clients better through a local presence, to expand our customer base and to develop other industrial sectors in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa.


An added advantage to our customers is the availability of local engineering resources.

Hans Marquardt, General Manager of the South African Branch Office, says “our head office in Germany has been working with Eskom since 2006 and there is a growing interest in the use and benefits of alternative energy sources. Our technology and engineering services are now available to local IPP’s and companies operating in the petrochemical, mining, steel, pulp & paper, sugar and other industries.

Hans Marquardt

Representative for South-Africa

Hans Marquardt

General Manager
South Africa Branch Office
Phone +27 (0)11 802 0752
Cell +27 (0)83 229 1288
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Experience reports

Experience report

about their experiences and activities at Steinmüller Engineering.

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Other worldwide representatives

Representative for Spain

Carlos Vento

Cell +34 696 466 492
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Representative for Turkey

Galip Calik

Cell +90 532 287 63 82
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Representative for Great Britain

Stephen Anderman

Phone +44 7801 532 469
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Representative for Czech Republic and Slovakia

Richard Vertich

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Representative for Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam

Peter Krämer

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Representative for Iran

Mohammad Afshin

Phone +39 3421 717582
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Steinmüller Engineering - yesterday and today

The original name L&C Steinmüller (LCS) belonged to a major international company for plant engineering and power plant construction. The company was located in Gummersbach, Germany. We share the commitment to a tradition of highly specialized plant engineering and construction services.


Founded in 2003, Steinmüller Engineering has rapidly grown to become a major player on the local and international markets and is well positioned to manage complex and challenging projects. The success of our company is based on our experience and passion for technology. We are a company of engineers, who think in terms of facts and figures and love new challenges.

Our concepts are based on facts, on technical possibilities and on what is economically feasible. Safety always comes first and has the highest priority in our activities for the modernization and new construction projects.


Currently Steinmüller Engineering employs some 110 employees, all committed to provide the quality of engineering design, planning and building that you as our client demand.


Steinmüller Engineering GmbH
IHI Group Company
Fabrikstraße 5
51643 Gummersbach / Germany


T +49 (0)2261 78950-0
F +49 (0)2261 78950-199