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Subsidiary in North Africa

With the establishment of a legal entity in Morocco, Steinmüller Engineering has taken a further step towards strengthening its presence in northern Africa. The aim of the local company

Steinmüller Engineering North Africa sarl au. is to serve our customers more directly and efficiently and to further expand the already existing after sales business.

Contact for North Africa/SENA

SENA Contact

Phone +212 522 78 7900
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Branch Office in South Africa

The opening of a branch office in South Africa enables us to serve existing clients better through a local presence, to expand our customer base and to develop other industrial sectors in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa.


An added advantage to our customers is the availability of local engineering resources.

Hans Marquardt, General Manager of the South African Branch Office, says “our head office in Germany has been working with Eskom since 2006 and there is a growing interest in the use and benefits of alternative energy sources. Our technology and engineering services are now available to local IPP’s and companies operating in the petrochemical, mining, steel, pulp & paper, sugar and other industries.

Hans Marquardt

Representative for South-Africa

Hans Marquardt

General Manager
Phone +27 (0)11 8020635
Cell +27 832 291 288
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Other worldwide representatives

Representative for Spain

Carlos Vento

Cell +34 696 466 492
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Representative for Turkey

Galip Calik

Cell +90 532 287 63 82
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Representative for Czech Republic and Slovakia

Richard Vertich

Phone +42 084 908 81
Cell +42 060 229 476 4
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Steinmüller Engineering GmbH
IHI Group Company
Fabrikstraße 5
51643 Gummersbach / Germany


T +49 (0)2261 78950-0
F +49 (0)2261 78950-199

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