Power Matrix

Our aim is to provide you with the most suitable solution for your requirement that you can operate your system in a operationally optimized, cost-effective and compliant manner. The variety of our topics and applications offers you a very high level of competencies and fields of application. We attach great importance to demonstrating and understanding the requirements of our customers.


The Power Matrix below shows that we are not only the source of ideas, but also capable of developing a high degree of innovation. Whether with the Steinmüller Engineering products or in the daily project business - the change in perspective that such collaboration brings with it and the generated additional value is of great importance to us.


There are the different fields of application, the well-founded fields of competence and fields of activity, which we unite and incorporate into the development of our solutions. During daily working with customers and partner companies, we have set ourselves the task of generating solutions that are always among the best.

Icon: Fields of Application Fields of Application
  • Combustion Systems
    • Power industry
    • Industrial power production
    • Refinery boilers
    • Thermal use of residues
  • Steam Generation
    • Utility boilers
    • Refinery and industrial boilers
    • Waste incineration
    • Chemical plants components
  • Flue Gas Cleaning
    • Power industry
    • Industrial power production
    • Industrial processes, e.g. cement, steel
    • Waste to energy
Icon: Core Competences Core Competences
  • Process & Mechanical Design incl. CFD
    • Process design
    • Mechanical design
    • Arrangement planning
    • Basic & detail engineering
    • Material selection
    • Strength & stress & static calculation
  • Sophisticated solutions with expert tools
    • Customized solutions
    • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) with Ansys Fluent
    • Finite Elemente Analysis (FEA) Ansys Mechanical
    • Dimensioning of boilers with DimBo®
    • Inhouse expert tools
  • Consultancy based on own know-how
    • Design review
    • Technology studies
    • Concept studies
    • Process optimizations
    • Plant optimizations
    • Client integration
Icon: Fields of Activities Fields of Activities
  • Concept, Basic & Detail Engineering
    • Concept development
    • Optimization
    • Design verification
    • Studies & optimization
    • Service & upgrading
    • Process simulations
  • Supply of Core Components
    • Procurement from qualified suppliers
    • Burner & burner parts
    • Swirler
    • Core air pipes
    • Heating coils
    • Trays for absorbers
    • Spray nozzles
    • Circulation Pumps
    • Oxidation Air Blowers
    • Mist Eliminators
  • Project Management & Technical Support
    • Manufacturing supervision
    • Quality control
    • Expediting
    • Commissioning support
    • Upgrades

Core Competencies | Capabilities

Whether you are building a new plant or have reasons to retrofit an existing plant (e.g. new legal requirements or a change in fuel source), the main target is to find the most efficient solution.



You can rely on our company know-how and competencies:

  • Broad engineering know-how
  • Longstanding experience based on references
  • Deep process and technology knowledge for thermal power plants, combustion, air pollution control and heat recovery systems
  • Flexibility based on lean organization and short decision making processes
  • Independent in-house design and engineering software tools
  • Provision of tailor made solutions
  • Excellent internal know-how management
  • Key account management


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