Quality Management and Quality Assurance at Steinmüller Engineering

Quality management means assuring quality, and it is crucial that assurance and management follow defined procedures and always respect our core values and basic principles.

This is particularly true when engineering and production are combined with new technologies and the challenges of change.

To meet the expectations of our customers, as well as our own goals, Steinmüller Engineering has established an Integrated Management System (IMS).


This IMS provides a basis for the coordinated and systematic bundling of requirements from different viewpoints. Among other things, this results in a coordinated and progressive process for quality (QM and QA) as well as measures for environmental protection and health and safety (EHS) regulations.


This system process is based on ISO 9001 and has been certified since 2007. The IMS is continuously being monitored, evaluated and enhanced by regular audits and re-certifications.


EHS is an essential component of the IMS. EHS deals with environmental protection, emergency management, and occupational health and safety.

In the interest of prevention and with the clear goal of continuous improvement, EHS activities in all areas are carried out in accordance with AMS-OHSAS 18001 and based on ISO 14001.


Occupational safety was also certified in accordance with the VBG (Definition) AMS standard  for the first time  in 2010. Our EHS concept has been continuously monitored, evaluated and consistently enhanced by regular audits and re-certifications.


Our stated and practiced policy on environmental protection, quality awareness and the safety of our employees and partners sets strong standards for sustainability.


The resulting of sustainable resource conservation and emissions reduction makes a significant contribution to our society in terms of climate protection.


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