Selective catalytic reduction

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Scope Client
Study for upgrade options of air pollution control equipment in answer to BREF 2017 ContourGlobal Maritsa East 3, Sofia
Feasibility study of potential modifications for NOx reduction by primary measures, 345 MWel, Lignite, Sostanj PS Unit 5, Slovenia Siemens d.o.o. Bratislavska 5 Sl-1000 Ljubljana
Concept design study: assessment, comparison and selection of feasible NOx reduction technologies and concept engineering for a total of 10 bituminous coal fired power stations, South Africa Eskom Enterprises Johannesburg
Boiler concept study for coal range extension, 465 MWel, Bituminous Coal, CHP Altbach I , Germany EnBW Kraftwerke AG Karlsruhe
Concept study for biomass co-firing (50%), 600 MWel, Bituminous Coal/Biomass, Amer PS Unit 9, Netherlands Essent b.v. Geertruidenberg
Know-how transfer, design tools and training for firing systems, FGD, DeNOx (SCR), SNCR and ESP for Bituminous Coal-Fired Power Plants, South Africa Eskom Enterprises Johannesburg
Basic engineering of firing system and burner supply, low grade coal (Ekibastuz), new-build 550 t/h steam generator, TEC 2 Astana PS Unit 7, Kazakhstan Sibenergomash Barnaul
Modification of the firing system and installation of Low NOx burner, 550 MWel, Bituminous Coal, Rheinhafen-Dampfkraftwerk (RDK) PS Unit 7 , Germany EnBW Kraftwerke AG Stuttgart
Supply and implementation of a new oil and gas firing system a steam generator plus retrofit of a catalytic DeNOx system, 200 t/h, Heavy Fuel Oil and Low-Pressure-Gas, Shell Wesseling, Germany Shell Deutschland Oil GmbH Wesseling
Concept design for a low NOx combustion system for a coal fired 180 t/h steam generator CMI S. A. Seraing
Study for optimization of the combustion system of a 550 MWel coal power plant EnBW Systeme Infrastruktur support GmbH Karlsruhe
Feasibility study for the change of fuel from anthracite to world coal for a 770 MWel slag tap steam generator RWE Power AG Essen
Modification of the firing system and installation of Low-NOx burners, 400 MWel, Bituminous Coal, PS Altbach Unit V, Germany EnBW Kraftwerke AG Stuttgart
Wall-air system detail design, 11x250 MWel, Lignite, Jänschwalde PS, Germany Vattenfall Europe Generation
Modification of the firing system and installation of Low-NOx burner, 750 MWel, Bituminous Coal, PS Mehrum, Germany Balcke-Dürr GmbH, Ratingen for Mehrum PS, Hohmenhameln


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