Steam Generation

Steam Generation

There are a variety of reasons and requirements for an independent and integral evaluation of the boiler design of a power generation plant. Whether it is a new construction unit or an existing boiler, Steinmüller Engineering has the expertise and proven experience with in-house tools to satisfy the wishes of our customers.


The need for of an independent analysis and evaluation arises frequently due to the following reasons:


  • Boiler design review of a new construction project
  • Performance improvement
  • Efficiency increase
  • Increase in availability
  • Fuel conversion
  • Changing fuel range
  • Optimization of partial load characteristics
  • Expanded flexibility (e.g., co-fired plants)
  • Adaptation for S(N)CR retrofit
  • Shorter start-up times

Our competent consultants can advise you on subjects ranging from thermodynamic calculations to the design and optimization of pressure parts and on engineering issues regarding components such as soot blowers, mills, air heaters, etc. Selected examples are listed below:


  • Modification of pressure parts (addition or exchange of heating surfaces)
  • Addition of soot blowers
  • Optimization of the drum fixtures and fittings (improved steam quality)
  • Eco-bypass for water or flue gas
  • Start-up circuits


Additional engineering services complete our comprehensive portfolio and make Steinmüller Engineering a dependable partner for the optimization and retrofitting of your plants. Our service include amongst others:


  • Boiler balancing
  • Water circulation calculation
  • Pressure loss calculations
  • Concept-, basic- and detail engineering
  • Feasibility studies
  • Fault analyses
  • Cost optimization

Utility Boiler

Sophisticated and ultra-modern boiler designs require a broad and deep expertise with decades of experience. All these features are covered by our engineers and technicians due to their education and employment history. Regardless of the type of boiler or fuel used, we at Steinmüller Engineering GmbH are able to solve complex requirements and tasks and offer customer-oriented and market-driven solutions.


For nearly all kinds of projects in the field of conventional steam generator technology, we have proven our performance, beginning with preparation of feasibility studies up to detailed design engineering. Challenge us!

CFB Boiler

Steinmüller Engineering’s CFBC (Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion) technology is based on the knowledge and experience of its former L. & C. Steinmüller GmbH personnel, combined with the current development activities within Steinmüller Engineering GmbH today.


After founding, Steinmüller Engineering GmbH started with further development of this CFBC technology based on the experience of its employees. Multiple CFBC market studies, basic engineering and detailed design work has been carried out for CFBC boilers up to 250 MWel. Our design activities include the CFBC combustion system, the water/steam circuit and pressure parts as well as fuel handling and ash removal and handling systems.

Chemical Plants Components

Chemical Plants

As an operator of chemical plants you have been working with chemical process components for many years. The former L. & C. Steinmüller GmbH (LCS) may have been one of your suppliers of steam generation equipment. In this time you might have considered to repair, revamp, upgrade or replace your equipment in order to respond to technical challenges or to the changing market environment.


Steinmüller Engineering GmbH (SE), an IHI Group Company, is perfectly qualified to support you in this business segment due to the following facts:


  • SE is the legal successor of the references built by formerly LCS in the field of chemical plant/ chemical process equipment, in particular for
    • Heat recovery systems for catalytic ammonia oxidation
    • Process gas coolers downstream of secondary reformers of ammonia, methanol and hydrogen plants
    • Components for gasification plants (gas, oil and refinery residues)
  • SE employs a number of LCS key experts in the field of chemical plant / chemical process equipment
  • Therefore SE is extremely successful in the implementation of several projects covering the product range mentioned. Among others the following can be highlighted:
    • Replacement of a reactor / waste heat boiler (121 t/h of steam) for catalytic HCN-Synthesis, Rhodia/Butachimie in Chalampé, France
    • Revamp of a reactor / waste heat boiler (45 t/h of steam) for catalytic NO-Synthesis, Kemira GrowHow Ltd., Great Britain
    • Supply of a process gas cooler (100 t/h of steam) downstream a secondary reformer in a NH3-plant, Yara Trinidad Ltd., Trinidad & Tobago

Based on our decades of experience in this field, of course we provide our customers, wheather you are the plant contractor or an operator, also for new projects our professional knowledge for engineering or supply.


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