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Waste Heat Boiler for Catalytic HCN Synthesis in a Nylon Plant > Steam Generation Technology

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  • Replacement of waste heat boiler with improved design features
  • Capacity increase of boiler by 15%
  • Improved cooling of critical components


Boiler design:

  • Application: catalytic HCN synthesis, steam generation and cooling of hot process gases (> 1100°C)
  • Vertical fire-tube boiler with natural circulation, 121 t/h, 26,5 bar, 227°C
  • Conical design of tube sheet for improved steam discharge
  • Engineering and supply by Steinmüller Engineering in 2013

Umfang des Angebots

  • Design of new waste heat bpiler for the existing plant
  • Process engineering
  • Mechanical design (basic and detail)
  • Manufacturing and supply of boiler
  • Transport to site
  • Supply and installation of refractory


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