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Steinmüller Engineering’s product line consultancy is at your service to resolve the technical and commercial issues that may arise in any of the energy facilities, power plants and industrial applications that you operate.


We rely on the vast technical know-how of the company to go beyond conventional consulting services so that you get real expertise. We also think beyond conventional energy systems to help you get ready for a greener future. Reducing CO 2 emissions is the biggest challenge faced by today’s engineers. To achieve this goal the energy, transport and all other industrial sectors are changing all over the world.

New solutions need to be found to produce, save, transport, store and consume energy. Steinmüller Engineering’s engineers use their vast experience in different fields of conventional energy systems to develop innovative solutions for the future.


Steinmüller Engineering is committed to delivering excellence and empowering creativity to develop the best technichal concept for your sustainable growth.

Rely on our experience

Steinmüller Engineering offers engineering support for your thermal power plants, waste or sewage sludge incineration plants, refineries, industrial plants and solar power plants. We advise on how to use energy efficiently and find an economically worthwhile application for remaining waste heat, e.g. in local or district heating.


We deliver innovative steam generators for new applications such as high-temperature molten salt heat storage systems. In close cooperation with our customer, we work in international teams considering various standards such as ASME, GOST, EN and others.

Contact us for

  • Owner's engineering services
  • Concept development for energy systems
  • Concept development for waste incineration plants
  • Energy efficiency optimization of heat recovery system
  • Plant flexibility
  • Adaptation to new emission values
  • Impact of fuel conversion on boiler island
  • Integration of new components
  • Integration of thermal storage systems
  • Plant monitoring
  • Life-time extension studies
  • Root cause analysis
  • Plant relocation

Thermal storage - The key to energy transition

The energy sector is evolving in the aim of overcoming climate change, as fossil fuels will in future be replaced by renewable energy, energy storage is becoming increasingly important.

Renewable and reliable electricity and heat

The future energy system will be significantly more complex than it is today. The importance of centralized power plants will decrease and numerous decentralized power producers will have to be managed within virtual power plants. Smart grids will distribute energy between producers, consumers and storage facilities.


All these different aspects need to be taken into consideration for a secure supply of energy, power and heat and for all processes in an industrialized country. Energy suppliers and consumers will need to develop innovative energy concepts to maintain their competiveness. Steinmüller Engineering can assist you in finding your way in this increasingly interconnected energy network by providing technology-independent consulting services.

4th generation heating network

4th generation heating networks will integrate a high share of renewable and waste heat. By operating at a lower temperature level than today, smart grids will minimize losses and increase efficiency. Steinmüller Engineering will develop your concept for transition to a 4th generation heating network, including integration of new energy sources and thermal storage.

Industrial waste heat utilization

A vast amount of waste heat from all kinds of industrial processes is still dissipated into the environment without being used. The temperature of waste heat from industrial processes such as glass, steel or cement production can be high enough for a variety of applications from power generation to district heating. Often waste heat is not used because of the complexity of such projects. Steinmüller Engineering is able to guide you through the entire process.


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