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  • Professionally Experienced:

You are looking for new challenges at a global, expanding company and interested to develop continuously yourself and want to assume responsibility? Then you are right with us. Apply for one of the vacancies or if you cannot find a suitable job, please feel free to send an unsolicited application for a specific business sector.

  • Graduated:

You have gained a process engineering or a technical degree in design studies, in mechanical engineering, industrial engineering and achieved already experience by study practical/internships and holiday jobs? Please contact us.

  • Students:

Whether as an intern, bachelor student, master or working student, course-related practical experience offers best chances to test acquired theoretical knowledge in practice to be optimal prepared for the start (entry) into working life. During the internship a mentor of the relevant department will be at your side to support you.


  • Students:

Student internship, vocational training or one of our dual study program. Whatever you will path at Steinmüller Engineering, you will start a promising career with extremely diverse development possibilities.




- Industrial clerk (m / f)

- Technical product designer (m / f)


Dual study program:

- Industrial engineering

- Mechanical engineering

Award of The Best

October 2016

Congratulations to Denise Börsch to the successful completion of her education as industrial clerk. She has been granted with the award "The Best".

Svenja Blechmann

Industrial engineering

Svenja Blechmann

Companies need specialists who are well versed in both economics and engineering in order to be able to optimise the various requirements for the interaction of these two fields.


As part of the integrated Industrial Engineering degree programme, you will attend studies at DHBW in Mannheim for six semesters. Each semester also includes a three-month practical phase at Steinmüller Engineering. During the three-month theoretical phase, you will attend lectures in economics and engineering at DHBW. The engineering lectures include chemistry, process engineering, thermodynamics and mechanics. The economics lectures cover fundamental subjects in business and economics.


This combination of economics and engineering is the core aspect of the Industrial Engineering degree programme. As an industrial engineer with a Bachelor's degree in Engineering, your work in the company is at the interfaces which require both technical and economic skills, for example in sales or project management.

You learn the practical work in all of the company's departments, and best of all is the opportunity to process projects independently.


In addition to satisfactory A-levels and good English language skills, you should bring a willingness to confront complex issues to your study of Industrial Engineering. You will also need a sound basis in scientific principles which will help in your understanding of the technical aspects. In addition, your interests should cover a wide range, as you will be dealing with many different topics.


For your eventual occupation as an industrial engineer focusing on the company's interfaces, you must be a team player and open to new situations.

Viktor Knaub

Technical product design

Viktor Knaub

The design of a piece of clothing is up to the fashion designer. The style of a building's façade is up to the architect. And the look of a new bicycle is up to the industrial designer.


But who develops and designs large, complex power plants? As a technical product designer specialising in the design of machines and plants, Steinmüller Engineering gives you the opportunity to take an active part in these types of projects. In addition to coal-fired power plants, our product portfolio includes environmental technology, waste incineration plants, chemical equipment and thermal combustion elements.


You will synthesise all the process engineering, statics, strength and engineering technology data which are relevant to construction and implement them in a 3D model. You will select the required materials, standards and assembly techniques taking costs, design and technical feasibility into account. Using 3D models, you will design elements or modules and production drawings for the respective components.

The vocational school units will give you the basics of technical mechanics, product development processes, CAD design and materials science to help you face your daily challenges in the company. You will also complete a three-month internship in the basics of "metallics".


You should have an affinity for numbers and an understanding of geometric solids along with a satisfactory school-leaving qualification. Secondary school leavers or high school graduates are preferred. And if that is not enough for you, you can pursue continuing education as a technician with a specialisation in mechanical engineering or an appropriate degree after completing your training.

Nina-Marie Reinirkens

Industrial administrators

Nina-Marie Reinirkens

Does the company need to draw up a quick quote for a component? Does the firm have a shortage of skilled workers for a large pending order? And does a heating surface need to be purchased for the production of a container? All processes have one thing in common – they are handled by industrial administrators. These all-rounders work in various fields of application and have a variety of tasks at the company.


Industrial administrators are active in many branches of industry and in almost all corporate fields.

  • Buying and selling
  • Advising and supporting customers
  • Keeping in close contact with suppliers
  • Dealing with business topics
  • Dealing with the management, selection and deployment of personnel
  • Supervising accounting processes
  • Organising projects and work processes

Industrial administrators act as important interfaces and hubs in the company, because they can fill many roles. They communicate with customers, suppliers and with senior management. The job is quite varied and  associated with a high degree of responsibility.


Industrial administration is a recognised profession. The dual training required for this position usually takes three years and takes place both in the company and in a vocational school. Acceptable candidates should have a good secondary school-leaving certificate, higher business school education or a high school diploma. You need strong communication skills, team spirit, and a solution-oriented approach to thinking and doing business. Good maths  and language skills are indispensable.

Mechanical engineering and general engineering

Mechanical engineering and general engineering

Mechanical engineering and general engineering

"If a mechanical engineer goes into the forest with a few tins, he comes out with a locomotive." Even if this quote is not quite true, the message is on the right track: Almost everything in our surroundings has been developed by engineers. Very few products are not made by machine. Machines play an important role. They are designed and developed, manufactured and optimised by mechanical engineers.


As part of the integrated mechanical engineering and general engineering degree programme, you will attend studies at DHBW in Mannheim for six semesters. Each semester also includes a three-month practical phase at Steinmüller Engineering. For your specialisation, you can choose from the following areas:

  • Design and development
  • Production engineering
  • Supply and energy management and
  • Process engineering

"How does that work?" And more importantly, "How can it work better?" These are questions that you will deal with on a daily basis. You will make decisions and be a project manager for complex challenges, sharing in the responsibility for the economic success of innovative solutions.


High school graduates with good A-levels and very good English language skills have the right prerequisites for a successful education. A high propensity to getting involved in complex technical contexts is also helpful. Are you a team player, reliable and willing to learn new things? If so, we would like to get to know you.

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