Svenja Blechmann

Svenja Blechmann

Proposal Manager from the Team "Steam Generation"

In 2015 I started my integrated degree program in chemical and process engineering at Steinmüller Engineering GmbH. After completing my studies I was integrated into the chemical plant components department. Through in-house education and external training I am able to keep abreast of technology development. As an industrial engineer I primarily engage in commercial and technical fields, e.g. project management and sales. The interaction with other departments is also essential as my responsibilities cover the entire project process. I process orders, engage with qualified suppliers and manage the project execution and logistics.

I enjoy the intensive interaction with costumers as well as with the product. Working in an internationally operating company offers me the opportunity to travel to foreign countries and execute my projects live on-site. During my studies Steinmüller Engineering offered me the opportunity to work at IHI Corporation in Japan for a period of three months to get exposure to the Japanese culture. Starting in summer semester I will be attending an additional part-time master’s program. Thanks to flexibility in my working hours I am able to integrate the lecture times into my everyday work.

Raheel Chughtai

Raheel Chughtai

Proposal Manager from the Team "Flue Gas Cleaning"

With the 100% takeover of IHI Corporation, Tokyo (Japan) from Siemens AG, I joined Steinmüller Engineering GmbH in July 2014. The flat hierarchy has made it easy for me to gain ground in the company. Hired as a "Proposal Manager" I am responsible for the product  Flue Gas Cleaning.

The implementation of emission-reducing measures and the optimization of existing components in coal fired power plants help to minimize the ecological footprint of the customers. This is active environmental protection and is why personal identification with the company, the products and the engineering services was very easy for me.

Everything fits together: the wide range of tasks and the good teamwork. From project identification, to the tender phase, to commercial negotiations with the customer, no project is the same as the other. International customer visits and trade fair participation outside of Europe are also challenging and offer insights into other cultures.

Dr. Louisa Schmeken

Dr. Louisa Schmeken

Process Engineer from the Team "Flue Gas Cleaning"

When my friends ask me about my job I usually answer like this:
"At the moment I am learning many new things. I have pleasant colleagues, which is great and my job at Steinmüller Engineering is versatile and exciting."

For example, I find it exciting to get to know people at the other end of the world through cooperation on projects but also to immerse myself in the simulation of CFD flows, or to clearly prepare a cost estimate for a customer, and so on and so forth.

Krishna Prakash Hariharan

Krishna Prakash Hariharan

Process Engineer Steam Generation

“Working in a new country where the language, culture and lifestyle are different was challenging for me at the beginning. Choosing to work on difficult assignments as part of an experienced and supportive team is a perfect way to develop my skills.

In particular I benefit from the expertise of the colleagues, the friendly working atmosphere and the competent management. What more could I ask for when looking for a job opportunity? Steinmüller Engineering provides all this and more.”

Thomas Biesenbach

Thomas Biesenbach

Project manager

Project manager Thomas Biesenbach ensures smooth order processing. He began his career in 1985 at L&C Steinmüller in Gummersbach and has remained at this location to this day.
"It is a great feeling when a project is successfully completed. We want to find the best possible technical solution and use the experience from our entire product range. I especially like the good collaboration with colleagues and the great diversity of nationalities.

Recently, in the preparation of designs for a new FGD absorber tank, we were able to eliminate the weak spots in the sealing system using a newly developed concept. The customer is very satisfied with our solution."

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Michael Groß

Michael Groß

IT Manager

I like the challenge of being responsible for maintaining and developing an important tool for the company:  the IT!


I joined the Steinmüller Engineering team in 2014 and very quickly felt at home. I was immediately given responsibility for important functions. I enjoy the respect of my working colleagues and their confidence in my expertise.

I like the "open door" policy of my supervisors and colleagues and it is fun to be part of and help shape a modern work environment. At Steinmüller Engineering attention is paid to a work-life balance and flexible working hours make life easier for me as a "young" father of a family.

Florian Mayer

Florian Mayer

from the Firing Technology team

"Steinmüller Engineering offered me what I was looking for: It is an international company with interesting and diversified tasks and also very family focused. The team works well together and that applies to all 100 employees.

Every day in the firing technology team we are making the world cleaner, safer and more efficient to benefit people and to protect precious resources. Specifically, for example, we create solutions to design more efficient firing systems and to help our customers operate plants with more flexibility. It feels good when these goals have been jointly achieved."


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